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When the elevator will retire will determine the rules
Release time: 2021-07-13 Views: 2791 times

  Food elevatorWhat situation should spare parts "take a back seat"?There is no clear rule in our country about this。Since yesterday, the Beijing local standard"Food elevatorThe letter of solicitation on the Technical standards for the waste of key components began to solicit suggestions on the website of the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision。The formulation of the standard will not only change the status quo that the depreciation of elevator components has no evidence to rely on, but also greatly promote the renovation process of the old elevator in this city。

       It is understood thatFood elevatorThe use of product parts for many years of aging has become a key factor in the elevator accidents, but in some restaurants, there are still old elevators "over age" work phenomenon, some "old" parts of the operation buried the risk factors, but some catering industry is reluctant to replace in order to save money。

       This solicitation letter is correctFood elevatorThe basic technical standards and basis of the eight key categories of wheel drive, suspension equipment, elevator car, weight, door system software, interpretative maintenance, electrical control, and guide rail are clearly proposed according to the rejection of interpretative components, and there are heavy and extremely dangerous factorsFood elevatorRules for depreciation of components。With any elevator car, when the car wall, car top more serious deformation, damage, car bottom more serious deformation, crack, rust, broken hole, laminated glass car wall occurs Cracks and other arbitrary conditions and can not be repaired should be abandoned。"Door system software" includes layer doors, layer doors, door machines, floor sill, etc., and the standard clearly states that the opening and closing time of the middle induction door should not exceed 3.2 seconds, in addition, the deformation and destruction of the sill will lead to risks such as the layer and the layer door, and it is easy to fall, collision, extrusion and other dangers。Therefore, when these problems are not passed and cannot be repaired, the elevator components may also be sentenced to scrap。

      According to expert experts, after the implementation of the standard, the catering enterprises will strengthen the supervision and immediate maintenance and abandonment of vegetable elevators, catering enterprises and owners can also decide whether to scrap vegetable elevators according to the standard。